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Midlife Happy Loser

A Facebook Group

Midlife Happy Loser is a Facebook Group for women only who are in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s.  Our midlife is a special time in our life – no, really – where we have some life experiences under our belt and maybe some life battle wounds along the way but we’re also dealing with hormone issues, a slightly chubby body (how did that happen!), shifting relationships, work/family responsibilities and just plain ol’ feeling stretched thin.  Which leaves us exhausted at the end (and sometimes at the beginning) of each day.

Midlife Happy Loser Facebook Group is for serious contenders only.  It is for like-minded women in their peri/menopause years.  Women who:

  • Are serious about losing weight and feeling great (or at least feeling better).
  • Are serious about dealing with all those negative, self-sabotaging thoughts we tell ourselves over and over again.
  • Are serious about gaining some control back and taking care of themselves better.
  • Are serious about fitting into their clothes, gaining back the energy they once had, and feeling happy again.

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